Improve your coaching skills

There is multiple organizations that can assist you with improving your Coaching skills

The First Tee

Without caring mentors, positive youth development just doesn’t happen. At The First Tee, we take coaching seriously. We believe that a meaningful, quality relationship between coach and participant is vital to our program.

United States Golf Teachers Federation

The United States Golf Teachers Federation® trains and certifies golf teaching professionals. Established in 1989, it is the largest national organization of certified golf teaching professionals in the world. The USGTF educational theme is that of progressive learning. We incorporate three levels of certification for the golf teaching professional.

WGCA - World Golf Coaches Alliance

Training Coaches for the competitive golfers, “Every competitive golfer deserves a CERTIFIED Coach.”  The World Golf Coaches Alliance is the official coaches division of the United States Golf Teachers Federation.

Golf Coaches Certified Association

All great coaches have followed a clearly defined pathway to success. Come develop world-class coaching skills and differentiate yourself from the rest of the industry.