Gain Control

To gain control you have to learn the 4 Foundations of Ball Control

The basis of the system that you have just been introduced to, centers on the idea that to become a good golfer it is not necessary to develop a good swing, but instead to become a good user of the “tool” known as a golf club. Humans are built to be marvelous tool users. In golf that translates to understanding first, what is your task, second how the club is designed to be used, third how does the club orient to your hand, and finally that you hit a golf ball with a golf club and not a golf swing.  

You need to know:

  • How the golf ball flies.
  • How your club is designed to be used
  • How your club face is connected to your hands
  • How to hit the ball with your golf club, not your golf swing

Gain control and direction of your learning process. You have the power and the ability to do so.