The Truth About Golf - philosophy by AJ Bonar

The Truth About golf

The truth about golf is that virtually anyone can learn to play the game well and with relative ease. People are good not bad. Yet it is a sad fact that most people think that golf is hard and that there are only a chosen few that can learn to play the game well. Even people who have been successful all their lives in other sports struggle and become frustrated with their lack of improvement in golf.

The problem is not with the student, but with how the game is taught. Since the early 1930s or so, golf instruction has been plagued by the idea that there is a golf “swing,” and that if one learns to do this “swing” perfectly they will hit perfect shots. If they hit imperfect shots then there is something wrong with their “swing” and they must proceed to identify the offending body part or area of the “swing” which is in need of correction. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no golf swing. Every day we see the best players in the world violating so called “swing fundamentals” and hitting wonderful shots with complete control of the golf ball. From Jim Furyks’ loop to Arnold Palmers finish and every where in between, we see players hit great shots with “swings” that don’t look at all like the model that the amateur is working so hard on to perfect.

A far more effective learning model is the one we employ every single day. That model is based on the fact that there is a ball, a stick, and hand eye coordination. There are only four things that ANY person need know to be able to learn how to play golf proficiently. One, what part of the ball they need to hit, two how is the club designed to be used, three how does the club orient to your hand, and four that you don’t hit the ball with a golf swing you hit it with a golf club.

Gain control and direction of your learning process. You have the power and the ability to do so.