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Core of Coaches

These outings are geared towards TFTGC Coaches and Volunteers that give so much of their time by instilling life-enhancing values and promoting healthy choices in kids through the game of golf, making TFTGC a wonderful place for the kids to learn golf and life skills.  So these outings are a thank you for your time!



Sunday June 24th @ RainTree CC

Sign up for Sunday June 24th Core of Coaches golf outing by clicking on button below to find more specific details.

Thanks to Jim Skibbens for getting us on Raintree CC!

Core of Coaches - 2018 Golf Series Summer Sign up

Sunday dates for Summer Outings:

  • May - Sunday 20th @ CT Myers (Completed)
  • June - Sunday 24th @ Raintree CC
  • July - Sunday 22nd
  • August - Sunday 26th
  • September - Sunday 30th
  • October - Sunday 14th Charity Tournament @ Birkdale G.C.


TFTGC Coaches, Volunteers, and friends of TFTGC to build a community of people golfing together in order to assist TFTGC in recruiting coaches and volunteers. Each month will be at a golf course that supports TFTGC.

  • Price: Each month will be @ golf course that support TFTGC at special greens fee.
  • Sign up:  Via the online form (button above) which requires payment online at time of signing up.  This allows us to reserve and guarantee the golf course the number of players.  Unfortunately no refunds will be available as the golf course will charge for unfulfilling our guaranteed number of players. 
  • Format: Modified Stableford with two person team blind draw chosen at end of round. (Free, prizes for winning team)
  • Contests: 4 Closest to the Pin games (Free, prize for each winner)


Modified Stableford Format: Scoring is based on par (36pts) of the course. (Your handicap is used to get your individual quota).  After you've submitted your handicap index through the monthly sign-up form, you'll receive your quota based on the following:

Modified Stableford (Pts): Eagle (8pts), Birdie (4pts), Par (2pts), Bogie (1pts), Dbl. Bogie (0pts, please pick-up after double bogie)

After the round; your quota will be adjusted based on how much you went over or under your quota.

Example: Your quota was 13 points, and based on the scoring above, you made 18 points, your round score would be + 4 (18-13=+4)

Quota is off of 36 pts for par 72 (20 Hcp, quota is 16pts)

Blind draw:  After the round, names are drawn out of hat to decide teams.


For questions about please contact: Darren Reilly (